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 "The Tails of Abbygail" is an award winning sequel series of seven live action

storytelling and educational children's movies on DVD.


 The "all animal" cast acts as "role models" and reminds children of manners, lessons, safety and true friendships while embarking on fun outdoor adventures.


These "kind hearted" animals inspire children to use their imaginations...

This creative way of storytelling is "evergreen and simply timeless"


Abbygail and her friends are "do-gooders"

So if you're one of those parents or grandparents that care what your little ones watch "The Tails of Abbygail" will be your new best friend and your child will love them!

Click on the blue arrow to see a "Sneak Peek" of Episode 6


Children's Movies
The Tails of Abbygail Theme Song - Greyson Proctor/Adam/Jackolyn Mott

"Sweet Little Abbygail" Music Video w/Lyrics

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