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"Best Friends" (80 min) A Full Feature Family Film with an "all animal cast" - It features 60 interesting and adorable characters, all with their own voices. Some of the characters are from the TAILS series, but have new names and a different story line. It's a great "spin off" inspired by "The Tails of Abbygail" characters and written by the creator of the series starring her own personal beloved pets! You'll fall in love with the large cast of animal characters!  It sells with 3 cute BONUS movies!

Best Friends

  • Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Heidi. She lived high above, on a snow covered mountain. Every weekend Heidi would journey out into the wilderness to Tigerlilly Lane to visit her Grandmother. One Saturday after Snow Dog Camp, she met “him.” His name was Jake. After their first very fishing adventure, Jake and Heidi became “Best Friends.” Her heart grew fond of Jake, but she never saw Jake again. Heidi’s heart was lonely and everyday she wished that one day Jake would return.
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