"How my dog inspired me"

Meet the Author Terri Lynn

and Abbygail - our brightest STAR 

As a young child, did you ever wonder what it would be like if your

stuffed animal toys actually “came to life” and took you on fun adventures?

I did. My name is Terri Lynn Link.  Here's my story...


I have always been creative...pulling an idea out of the clear blue sky is fascinating to me

and making it a reality is exciting, it’s contagious, like watching “a dream come true”.


In the Summer of 2007 my husband AL and I were entertaining friends in our backyard in Boring, OR,

watching our littlest kids jump into the pool and race to the other end, dunking each other underwater along the way.

Relaxing? No, not really, too noisy...But very entertaining!

We all found ourselves drawn into their simple little game. Laughter and smiles decorated all of our faces.

Mesmerized by how cute and simple their antics were and suddenly our minds cleared of any stress or worry of the day.

I started to wonder what they were thinking (if they could talk) as I watched each of them scamper out of the pool, through the tall grass

playing “Follow the Leader” and into the pond, disappearing over the bank by the corner of the barn.  This is the day it all started.


Besides a creator, I like to help others, I’m a rescuer. I like to fix things.

I like everyone to be happy, to feel important and loved and especially when it comes to kids and the elderly.

Fast forward to the current day, almost 8 years later...2015


7 Copyrights - 24 Awards - Hundreds of Testimonials - Dozens of newspaper, magazine and internet blogging articles

Voted “Best New Product at the 2008 New York City Toy Fair

26 weeks of Saturday/Sunday morning TV Broadcasting on CBS

    3rd year of National Broadcasting on the TBN Children’s Network-Smile of a Child to over 5 million homes Worldwide

Now present in big chain retail outlets such as Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club Kmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

Schools are also featuring  “The Tails of Abbygail” in their curriculum

In 2015 we plan to  launch Books and Digital Downloads for the marketplace as well as searching out a Licensing partner


So what is “The Tails of Abbygail” you might ask?

Well those “little ones” I was referring to in the pool that day, were not your average kids.

These kids are the furry four legged kind. The ones that love us unconditionally.

“The Tails of Abbygail” is a live action storytelling series that feature an “all animal” cast, many of them have been rescued or adopted.

The stories are on DVD for younger children under 10. There are currently 7 different Episodes in the series.


The story is about a lonely little dog’s wish... that her stuffed animals would “come to life”.

Abbygail and her friends act as “role models” for children as they embark on fun filled adventures reminding kids about safety, manners and being a good friend. The stories are heartwarming and they mesmerize children with an old fashioned sense of gratitude. Very non Hollywood, more real world genuine....simple yet children find the stories fascinating. Abbygail has received hundreds of testimonials from parents, grand parents, teachers, librarians and even doctors. Quote: “The Tails of Abbygail inspires and motivates children to use their imaginations in a more productive and useful way and to think and make good choices”. WOW. That’s powerful.

Military families have very touching testimonials about unruly children when one parent is sway serving their Country, and how

The Tails of Abbygail helps them.


The characters from “The Tails of Abbygail” are just plain “do-gooders” and kids really do love them!

The movies are also great for children challenged with Autism and the elderly affected by Alzheimers. 


                                    We are currently seeking partners for exploration into Children's Hospitals

                                                                      and Retirement Centers with our new product "AbyPal". 

                                                                                                 Please email me @ TL@weloveabby.com

                                                                                   if you have questions about becoming a partner 


                                                                      or click on the photo to learn more






Watching or listening to Abbygail is like getting a new best friend...

Would you like to be friends?

    The  Little

Jack Russell from 

Boring, OR

                                 What is The Tails of Abbygail?

Watch the Interview on Gresham Strong TV Show with Bess Wills

                                     (Interview starts at 20:13)



I'm so proud of my first Full Feature Family Film "Best Friends"

I can't wait for you all to see it.

Now available online at Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Target and Walmart

Order Now                             


Our stories simply "inspire" children

©2015 The Tails of Abbygail

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