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World Premier Invitation
Two Fans of Pirate Dog and Champ
Sandy Cinema Red Carpet Ready
Abby Fans.jpeg
Our Abbygail Family
VIP Tickets Photo Op
VIP Children on the Red Carpet
The Crowd Cheers for Abbygail
Abbygail Loves Her Fans
Kids Love Abbygail
Meet Abbygail on the Red Carpet
Abbygail is Grateful
Champ arrives on the Red Carpet
Pirate Dog Arrives on the Red Carpet
Rosebud arrives on the Red Carpet
Rosebud Loves Her New Friends
More Kids with Rosebud Toys
Ready for guests
The Tables Were Set with Tiaras
Goodies for the Tea Party
The Place was packed-Over 400
Fun had by All
Thank you for coming
Miss V looking beautiful
I loved this day!
AbyGal And Abbygail saying Goodbye
Proud Grandma VIP Guest
Dogs in Abbymobile.jpg
Dogs in H2.jpg
Zane is nice.JPG
2011 Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade 1.JPG
Parade Movie Stars.JPG
Corbett Float.JPG
Tails of Abbygail float-3.jpg
Tails of Abbygail float-1.jpg
A The Float.JPG
A custom Abbygail birthday cake
Abby Fan
Abby Fan
Abby Fan
An Abbygail Slumber Party
Abby Fan
Abby Fan
Adorable Abby Fan
Abby Fan
Abby Fans
She love Abby
Abby Fan
Lunch at Abbyland
Meet Zanefrom The Tails of Abbygail
Raise your hand
Time to Swim
Zane is nice
Life Vests
Story time at Abbyland
Fun Field Trip to Abbyland
Everyone in the Pirate Boat
Chic Execs TOA
Print Examiner Article 1 TOA
Print Examiner Article 2 TOA
Print Examiner Article 3 TOA
Print Examiner Article 4
Print Examiner Article 5
Abbygail Goes Prime Time Sandy Post
Abby gets a deal in NYC Sandy Post
Dog*Star  Sandy Post TOA
Abbygail finds her way to TV Outlook
School Children and Abbygail Outlook
Abbygail Premier Article in Sandy Post
Tall Tails from 9 Inches TOA
The Tails of Abbygail Premier in Portland
Thank You from TL.jpg
TL and AbyPals.JPG
The Tails of Abbygail Series.jpg
Soundtrack Cover.jpg
The Tails of Abbygail Series.jpeg
Tails of Abbygail Finding Betty and Dreams Come True.jpeg
New Friends and Adventures.jpg
Tails of Abbygail Adventures of Pookie Lu Little and More.jpeg
Cert of Appreciation TOA_edited_edited.jpg
Kids First Endorsement 1TOA
KidsFirst Best of 2010 Award TOA
KidsFirst Best of 2010 Award_edited.jpg
Kids First Endorsement 3 TOA
Kids First Endorsement 4 TOA
Kids First Endorsement 5 TOA
Dove Review for TOA 6 and 7
Dove Award EP 1-5 TOA
Dove Award TOA EP 6-7.jpg
Telly Award The Tails of Abbygail
PL and Church .JPG
Abygal TL.jpg
Best Friends Cover.jpeg
Best Friends Cover Echo Bridge.jpg
Dove Award Best Friends.jpg