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Our Collection

Start collecting the series and write a Testimonial to the creator  

of "The Tails of Abbygail" to earn your very own "MAGICAL KEY" 


Buy DVD Episodes 1-7


It's kinda like adopting us!

We'll live at your house and we can go 

on fun adventures all the time together!


Buy Music CD


Learn all of the Abbygail songs!

I want to hear you sing real loud. 

I bet you have a great voice!


Buy Posters


You can collect posters of your favorite 

characters  and hang them in your room!

That way you'll always be together!


Buy Plush


So you want to cuddle?

Me too!  Check out the AbyPal plush!

Earn a "Magical Key"


So I hear you LOVE Abbygail?  Great!

Email me a Testimonial and I'll send you 

your very own "MAGICAL KEY"

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